BtoB’s Jung Il Hoon Shows Off His Aegyo with Male Version of “Gwiyomi Song”

BtoB‘s Jung Il Hoon‘s male version of the “Gwiyomi Song” has gathered a lot of interest from netizens.

Gwiyomi is the latest aegyo trend (remember “buing buing?”) that has Koreans counting their fingers. The original “Gwiyomi Song” was created by singer Hari and it quickly become an aegyo favorite of all Koreans, including celebrities. Jung Il Hoon joined the bandwagon by uploading his own version of the “Gwiyomi Song” on the “Gwiyomi Player”, a site where netizens can upload their own gwiyomi videos

In the video Jung Il Hoon looks just as adorable as his song as he starts singing about his coffee and chocolate muffin. This video has gone viral in Korean and the original video already has 50,000 hits. Jung Il Hoon and his song are also trending in several Korean sites.