Announcer Shares His Thoughts on Park Shi Hoo’s Controversial Case on Twitter

On February 26 on his Twitter, MBC’s announcer Jung Byung Jin shared his thoughts concerning actor Park Shi Hoo’s controversial sexual assault case. Jung Byung Jin stated, “I don’t understand why we need to broadcast every single detail, including pictures, concerning actor Park Shi Hoo’s case.”

He continued, “Will this satisfy people’s rights to information? Does freedom of information include celebrities’ private sex life? “

Jung Byung Jin also added, “I think we should wait until the case has been solved. If he is found to be guilty of sexual assault, it would be at that time that people should criticize him.”

Meanwhile, netizens that saw Jung Byung Jin’s message commented, “I think he is confused between the ‘sexual assault case’ and ‘private sex life,’” “This is a dangerous time to make statements like that.”