T-ara Reveals MV for New Japanese Single “Bunny Style”

The music video for T-ara‘s sixth Japanese single “Bunny Style!” appeared on YouTube today. 

The song is a bright dance pop track and features cute and bright concept for the group. Their choreography, as expected, features cute bunny-like movements. 

Set for release on March 20, the single will released with ten different single versions. While each will contain their main track “Bunny Style,” the second song will differ depending on the version. (Good luck to all the collectors out there!)

Limited Edition A – “Sign” by Soyeon & Areum
Limited Edition B – “Soap Bubbles” by Boram & Qri
Limited Edition C – “Dangerous Love” by Eunjung, Jiyeon & Hyomin
Standard Edition 1 – “Love Poem” by Soyeon
Standard Edition 2 – “Two As One” by Eunjung
Standard Edition 3 – “Maybe Maybe” by Boram
Standard Edition 4 – “For You” by Jiyeon
Standard Edition 5 – “Do We Do We” by Qri
Standard Edition 6 – “Love Suggestion” by Hyomin
Standard Edition 7 – “Happy Rain” by Areum

The group is currently on a showcase tour and will visit ten different cities in Japan.