Goo Hara Releases Adorable and Funny Selca

On her Twitter on March 1, group Kara’s Goo Hara uploaded two photos along with a message, “I, silly Hara Goo, has come to amuse you in this lazy afternoon!”

In the pictures is Goo Hara with her bare face, and wearing a sweater and a pair of round framed glasses. In the first photo, she is staring at the camera dazedly. In the second photo, Goo Hara shows off her perfect white teeth in a silly smile. In both pictures, Goo Hara looks adorable and lovable.

Netizens that saw these selcas commented, “Goo Hara’s comic selcas… she still looks so pretty,” “I laughed so hard when I saw these,” “Is this really Hara?” “Goo Hara must be resting at home?”