Song Ji Hyo Looking Adorable For “Yesse”

Actress Song Ji Hyo recently revealed photos for her spring photo shoot. 

Song Ji Hyo looked simply adorable for her Yesse spring photo shoot, posing next to drawings on wallpaper and outfitted in bright colors that brought out a lively, girly and romantic look. 

For the photo shoot, Song Ji Hyo wore bright expressions and vivid colors which made her seem all the more youthful and adorable. The photos will be featured on Yesse’s 2013 Spring Collection, whose concept is that of a dual, feminine and modern style.

To accomplish this feminine look, new elements were taken in with the clothing and given a twist. White and black were used as a base to give this year’s color palette a foundation on which to steal the spotlight. Bursts of orange, lime, pink, blue and green can be seen throughout the outfits from Yesse’s spring collection this year, which add an overall youthful and energetic feel.