Dasoni Enjoys A Sweet Day of Rest

EXID‘s sub-unit group Dasoni recently enjoyed a day of rest from their flurry of activities. 

Dasoni has been recently promoting their new debut track,”Good Bye” and on February 16 the duo made a visit to the “Michael Lau Art Toy Zone” where they took photos. It was reported that Solji always had great interest in the art zone and as soon as she received tickets from EXID members to the “Michael Lau Art Toy Zone” she made a visit as soon as she could spare some time. 

Solji and Hani tweeted the photo of their visit with the caption, “This is Solji and Hani!! On our day off we came to the ‘Michael Lau Art Toy Zone’ to see our favorite figures in person~!”

The “Michael Lau Art Toy Zone” has been drawing great interest from their public for their new figurines and are pieces of work created by Michael Lau.