A Pink’s Son Na Eun Looks Trendy And Cute For “@Star1”

A Pink‘s Son Na Eun was recently featured in the March photo shoot spread for @star1 and gave an interview talking about her drama “Childless Comfort” as well as her thoughts on marriage. 

She currently plays the role of a female high school student who has a boyfriend that wants to get married young in “Childless Comfort.” When asked what she would do in a real-life situation like this, Son Na Eun admitted, “Now that I’m turning twenty I do feel closer to the age of actually getting married. It’s crossed my mind a couple times. I believe the act of married is something you decide on carefully.”

She went on, “I want my future husband to be somewhat older than me and someone who compliments me well, since we’ll have to learn how to get along with each other. I also want him to be someone that my parents approve of. Even if my boyfriend wanted me to marry him this instant, I think it’s still necessary to hold things off and see how things turn out for a little longer.”

She also shared, “I used to think that a lot of things might change when one turns twenty. But then I reached the age of 20, I realized that nothing much has really changed. I still feel like I’m 19 years old and the only difference is that my age will now start with the 2 in the front. Now that I’m twenty, I also want to get my driver’s license and start college life.”

In related, A Pink’s Son Na Eun recently signed a contract with Hazzy’s Accessories to be their endorsement model for their 2013 S/S season collection. And for her photo shoot with @star1, she exhibited her bright and cute personality.