New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 March Week 1

2AM Vol. 2 – One Spring Day (released)

01 Spring
02 Reading You
03 Consolation
04 One Spring Day
05 Sunshine
06 At That Moment
07 Forget You
08 Come to Me
09 One Spring Day INST

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2AM makes a comeback after one year with their second full-length album, “One Spring Day.” It’s been five years since their debut. The group worked with famous musicians along the likes of Epitone Project, Yiruma, and No Reply’s Kwon Sun Gwan.

Ock Ju Hyun – Reflection (released)

01 Daddy’s Pillow
02 Shadow Play
03 House
04 Hemostasis
05 Daddy’s Pillow INST
06 Shadow Play INST

Ock Ju Hyun makes a comeback this year with a new mini-album titled, “Reflection.” The title track is “Shadow Play,” a hybrid waltz number composed by Jung Seok Won and penned by Kim Ina. The song incorporates both the classical piano as well as contemporary instruments. The song is about lovers who are separated by death. Another song in the album is “Daddy’s Pillow,” a song about family and love, particularly about fathers.

D-Unit – Affirmative (March 7)

01 Remaining Alive (feat. Vasco)
02 Say It To My Face (feat. Zico – Block B)
03 Lock Down
04 Alone
05 Nap Pt. 2 (feat. C-Luv)
06 Scarecrow
07 Luv Me

Girl group, D-Unit releases their second mini-album, “Affirmative” after seven months since their debut. There are a total of seven tracks including the titular, “Say It To My Face.” This rock, hip-hop hybrid number was composed by Block B’s very own Zico, who is also featured in this track.

Ali (single) – Rainy Gomoryeong (released)

01 Rainy Gomoryeong (feat. Double K, Yankie)

Ali remakes Hyun In’s “Rainy Gomoryeong,” a hit single which was first released in 1948. The song was composed by Park Shi Chun and penned by Yoo Ho. With the help of Double K and Yankie, Ali gives this song a hip-hop flavor. The singer does a great job bringing out the sad emotions to this song.

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