Goo Hara Appeared in a School Textbook Before Her Debut

Recently on an online community bulletin board, several photos were uploaded under the title, “Goo Hara who appeared on a middle school textbook before her debut.”

In the pictures is KARA’s Goo Hara sitting together with a young male student. She is wearing a school uniform and is smiling shyly. The topic on the top states, “Adolescents’ Friendship with Opposite Sex.”

Although only her profile is revealed, Goo Hara’s beautiful facial features are noticeable in the photos. With her hair in a simple pony tail, Goo Hara looks young and adorable.

Meanwhile, netizens that saw these pictures commented, “Goo Hara looks like a baby here,” “She looks so fresh,” “This girl grew up to become a huge star,” “She looked very different from now.”