[Recap] Iris Season 2 Episode 4

(Posted for Jbarky) Here is episode 4 of Iris Season 2! In the beginning of the episode we are treated to the gunfight between the NSS team and Iris Team.

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap:

Jung Yoo Gun (Played by Jang Hyuk): Yoo Gun

Ji Sooyeon (Played by Lee Da Hae): Sooyeon

Yoo Joong Won (Played by Lee Bum Soo): Joong Won

Choi Min (Played by Oh Yeon Soo): Min

Seo Hyun Woo (Played by Yoon Doo Joon): Hyun Woo

Yoon Si Hyuk (Played by Lee Jun): Si Hyuk

Baeksan (Played by Kim Young Cheol): Baeksan

Ray (Played by McInnis): Ray

We are back at the faceoff between Ray and Sooyeon. Right when she is about to be shot, Yoo Gun grabs her and saves her!

We are next shown that North Korea has done a large-scale nuclear test. Yoo Gun has been sent to talk to Baeksan to try to find out more information. 

Yoo Gun has figured out how Baeksan knew about the assassination attempt! The organization Iris has a secret code that is put into newspapers. (Pretty neat!) Yoo Gun is just curious why they are using newspapers, and Baeksan replies that it is due to security. 

Yoo Gun makes a deal with Baeksan. In exchange for protection, he will let Yoo Gun know that Iris is up to something. As Yoo Gun is about to leave, Baeksan tells him to be wary of Ray.

Yoo Gun is told by Min that he will be suspended for the botched operation in Hungary. During that time, Min wants him to investigate more about Baeksan and the people around him. We are then treated to scenes of Yeon Hwa being tortured. 

The NSS team finds out that Yoo Gun has received a one-month suspension. They are unhappy about the news. Sooyeon and Yoo Gun promise to go visit a beach together.

Min asks Hyun Woo to go on a special mission of capturing Joong Won. Min then goes to Baeksan and suggests that they work together. However, she is rejected by Baeksan. He says that he already has a strong weapon to fight against Iris. While they talk, Baeksan explains that everything he did was for Korea, even joining Iris. 

We are then treated to a scene from Baeksan’s past where he assassinates a target as a spy. (It looks like the target’s son is possibly Yoo Gun?)

Yoo Gun has bought a wedding ring and he puts it inside of the babushka doll. 

He gives it to Sooyeon who puts it on a shelf. 


The two of them have a fun time at the beach.

Sooyeon is complaining that Yoo Gun is shy and he kisses her all of the sudden. 

They spend the night together. (Woot Woot)


The next day Yoo Gun goes to visit his mother Sooyeon.

We find Hyun Woo on his mission to capture Joong Won who is in Cambodia. Hyun Woo catches up to him and a merry chase ensues!

The two get into a scuffle and in the end Hyun Woo successfully takes down Joong Won. (Actually, Joong Won wanted to stop fighting) 

Joong Won escapes with the help of a local. 

The local tells Joong Won that there is a job where he can make 50,000 dollars. But, it looks as though the people inside are North Koreans?

Yoo Gun goes to see the man who was his father figure when he was younger. However, on the way he runs into Ray who tries to kill him but does not succeed. Yoo Gun enters the man’s home and he is dead.


While looking through the ajusshi’s (man who was Yoo Gun’s father figure) journal Yoo Gun finds a line that reads. “I could not find evidence that Baeksan killed Yoo Gun’s father.” 

Joong Won is in a North Korean prison with Yeon Hwa. (At the same time, we see Ray and the NSS mole being a bit comfortable with each other) Joong Won is trying to convince Yeon Hwa to tell the North Koreans more about Iris so that they can live. Yeon Hwa thinks that Ray will come to save her. 

Yoo Gun and his mother say their goodbyes to the ajusshi. It looks as though the ajusshi helped out Yoo Gun and his mother out a lot. 

Yoo Gun has returned to work and he asked Min for her access card to find some information. He is looking up info about Baeksan when he hears somebody else in the restricted access room.

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