Ladies’ Code Releases Remaining Member Teasers & MV Teaser

Up and coming new girl group Ladies’ Code from Polaris Entertainment have released the remainder of their member teasers videos and a teaser for the music video of the title track of their first mini album “Bad Girl.”

Previously the teasers for Sojung, Rise, and Zuny were released, and in continuation of the fierce white weapons theme EunB and Ashley also had their videos. In the videos EunB and Ashley looks cool and collected as they fire off their guns.

In the music video teaser, we catch a glimpse of Sojung (of “Voice Korea” fame) playing a dramatic piano piece but looking at the dance moves in the teaser it looks like the actual song will be quite different. The teaser hints at a comical twist with the male actors looking as if they’ve gone through quite a bit.

Ladies’ Code debut mini album “Bad Girl” will be released March 7.