Kim Ji Hyun Talks About Her Painful Jaw Reduction Surgery

Kim Ji Hyun, a former member of 90’s idol group RooRa, shares about her painful experience with plastic surgery.

On March 4, Kim Ji Hyun made a guest appearance on KBS’s talk show “YeoYooManMan” where she revealed, “I was scared that I might die on the first, second and even the third night after receiving jaw reduction surgery.”

She continued, “I was constantly taking pain relievers after the surgery so I didn’t feel much pain. I asked the doctor before during consultation if it hurt. He replied that the pain is about ten times more than fatigue from a cold.”

Kim Ji Hyun further added, “My nose was clogged for two weeks and it bled. However, I was fortunate that my mouth wasn’t bandaged up so I was able to talk and eat. But, I couldn’t lie down and had to sit in a sitting position. I slept upright with cushions on my back. Whether I ate or slept, I was sitting the whole time during recovery.”

She also mentioned in the program, “After the surgery, other celebrities didn’t recognize me when I pass by. Lately, I would go up to them first and introduce myself ‘I’m Kim Ji Hyun.’”

Soompiers, does “no pain, no gain” apply here? Do you give her props for being able to go through with such a decision or do you think it would have been better if she didn’t undergo surgery?