“Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s” Lee Chung Ah Confirmed for “Wonderful Mama”

Actress Lee Chung Ah has been confirmed for SBS’s upcoming weekend series, “Wonderful Mama.”

It’s been a year since Lee Chung Ah has worked on a TV series – her last was tvN’s “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop,” which she co-starred with Jung Il Woo. In “Wonderful Mama,” she will play Oh Da Jung, best friend to female lead Jung Yumi’s Go Young Chae.

Regarding her new role, Lee Chung Ah commented, “In this new project, I will show everyone a new side of me through this lovable, adorable, troublemaker character. I know all my fellow cast mates, so I think it’ll be fun working and filming together. Personally, I have high expectations for this drama because of my faith in our director and screenwriter. Please be excited for this new series.”

“Wonderful Mama” is described as a heartwarming family drama about a loan shark mom (Bae Jong Ok), a self-made woman who now own multi-million won buildings, and her three immature children. She gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and decides that she needs to make her adult children grow up. Jung Yumi will play the eldest daughter, Go Young Chae, a hot-tempered princess who works as a designer. As she matures, she realizes her mother’s fierce love for her children and the importance of family.

“Wonderful Mama” will replace “My Love, Madame Butterly” on SBS this May.