Davichi Releases Second Official Album Title Song “Turtle” (MV)

Davichi fans rejoice! The title song “Turtle” for part 1 of their second official album “Mystic Ballad 1990” was released today on March 4, 2013. The jacket image for “Turtle” shows Lee Hye Ri and Kang Min Kyung looking very magical. They are giving off the feeling that winter has ended and spring is beginning again. In addition, a notable fact about the album jacket is the tattoos that both members have!

With the song, “Turtle” Davichi is going for a more girly image rather than their previous images of being mature and sexy divas. The song “Turtle” is very bright but also has a certain sad aspect to it.

On March 20, the title song for part 2 of “Mystic Ballad 1990” will be released with the rest of the other songs on the album.