Block B’s Agency: “Block B Members Are Puppets.. They’re Being Influenced”

On March 4, Block B‘s agency Stardom Entertainment opened a temporary website to release their official statement regarding the ongoing lawsuit between the company and members of Block B. The official statement begins with, “We have come up with this website to respond to all the rumors correctly. We will make updates about the progress of the case accordingly.” 

This website discusses all major suspicions raised against Stardom Entertainment under various subsections. These subsections are: “Suspicions of outside pressure in the Thailand case,” “Payment for Block B after debut,” “Difference between live music show and other paid events,” “Personal expenses during promotion,” “Swindling Block B out of money,” “‘Nilili Mambo’ outfits,” “Overseas promotion without a manager,” “Expenses for launching the fan club,” “De facto power and influence,” and “A few words regarding this case.” 

In this statement, Stardom Entertainment argue, “We have decided that the members of Block B are merely puppets in this case and there is someone behind all this. We believe that these people have come up with the scheme. We understand that the list of facts we have explained are unfamiliar to the members of Block B. That is because they weren’t given the appropriate information, because of the people of ‘hidden influences’ trying to control the whole situation.” 

Stardom added, “We must know that this unjust lawsuit is likely to have a deleterious effect on members of Block B and their career than on this anonymous ‘de facto power.’ The results of this lawsuit might mean nothing more than a large some of money and satisfaction for their insatiable greed to these people, but it would affect the future of members of Block B.”

This website includes all official documents Stardom Entertainment have submitted to the court, including detailed financial reports documenting Block B’s revenue, maintenance fees, and other promotion-related expenses.