B.A.P Hosts Fan Signing Event

On March 3, B.A.P hosted a fansigning event celebrating the release of their second mini album “One Show” at a record store in Seoul. This event attracted more than 1000 fans not only from Seoul, but also from various other parts of Korea and some nearby overseas countries, proving B.A.P’s “super rookie” status. 

This event was especially meaning for both fans and B.A.P as member Himchan, who’s been out of this promotion cycle due to his recent broken finger injury, came to join the event. Fans greeted Himchan with encouraging messages and Himchan smiled back at his fans, thanking them. 

As B.A.P is known for their strong love for the fans, they did not seem to get tired at all during the event. All members of B.A.P had bright smiles on their faces throughout the fan signing event, making eye contacts with each and every fan standing in front of them. After the event was over, Himchan thanked the fans, “I’m really thankful to see so many fans coming out to see us tonight. I’m so happy to be a part of this, hosting this event.” 

Meanwhile, B.A.P successfully hosted their first independent concert “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL” on February 23 and 24. They will continue the promotion of the second mini album “One Shot.”