Insooni Being Investigated for Tax Evasion Again

The National Tax Service caught evidences suggesting singer Insooni‘s tax evasion and started investigating. Previously in last year, the National Tax Service already summoned Insooni as they caught a large omission in her tax report. In addition, Insooni is being suspected of illegal dealing of more than 5 billion Korean won. 

According to the law, tax criminals could be sentenced to more than 3 years of imprisonment if they have evaded more than 500 million Korean won and more than 5 years of imprisonment if the evasion is greater than 1 billion Korean won. Moreover, the criminals will have to pay nearly twice to five times the amount of the evasion in fine. 

Regarding the alleged tax evasion, Insooni’s representatives commented, “we are not sure since this is a personal matter.” Previously, Insooni was fined 800 million won for omitting a large sum from her taxes in 2008 and this was revealed only in 2011. At the time, Insooni defended herself, “It happened because I did not know much about taxes and tax laws. It wasn’t intentional and I’ve been reporting my taxes honestly and diligently since 2008.” 

As she was charged the omitted tax in 2008, her ownership of an expensive condominium unit worth 5 billion Korean won was revealed. Although Insooni argued, “I only signed the contracts in 2009 but did not go through with the purchase,” it was later revealed that she did buy the unit and is renting it out for 2 billion Korean won a year since April 2012.

Meanwhile, President Park Geun Hye announced their policy of eradication tax evasion. The National Tax Service will add 400 people to their staffs just for the investigation of taxable income nationally and every evidence suggesting hidden assets under other people’s names and other various forms of tax evasion will lead to very intense investigation.  

Insooni performed at the presidential inauguration ceremony on February 25 and sang the national anthem at the commemoration of 3.1 Independence Movement Day.