Park Shi Hoo Countersues

Here are the latest updates on the Park Shi Hoo case.

There has been yet another surprising turn of events as Park Shi Hoo decides to countersue alleged victim “A,” her friend “B,” and “A’s” agency CEO, Mr. “C.”

According to the police on March 4, Park Shi Hoo along with the rookie actor “K” decided to countersue those three people on the counts of slander, attempted blackmail and defamation.

Previously, friend “B” spoke with the media and suggested that Park Shi Hoo and rookie actor “K” might have drugged victim “A.” Park Shi Hoo’s reps are accusing “A,” “B”, and “C” for creating a scheme to extort money from him.

Meanwhile, “A” is now accusing Park Shi Hoo on two counts of rape. “A” proclaimed, “As soon as I got drunk, Park Shi Hoo took me to his home and raped me twice.”

After tests were made from taking “A’s” blood samples, hair and urine samples, traces of male DNA were found in her system. Following these results, the police requested the same kinds of tests for Park Shi Hoo and rookie actor “K” as well.

It has also been revealed that Park Shi Hoo will be investigated 1-2 more times in the near future. Park Shi Hoo’s lawyer spoke with Star News on March 4 and said, “We still haven’t received the summons from the police yet but we are expecting to be called in about one or two more times. We are preparing for these next investigation periods.”

The lawyer also spoke about the text messages between “A” and “K” that were previously released through the media and said, “The messages that were released through the media are not the full conversation,” and “We still haven’t received the full count of these messages either.”

The lawyer also added, “Park Shi Hoo and ‘A’ have not exchanged any texts since the night of the happening.”

Text message records between “A” and her friend “B” were also submitted to the police. Reports say that the texts show friend “B” telling “A” to ask for 1 billion won (about $925,000 USD) as settlement money. “A” replied to “B” by saying, “He [Park Shi Hoo] is turning on his acting skills in order to look like a victim.”

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