Kim Tae Woo: “Danny Ahn Was an Outsider During g.o.d. Days”

Kim Tae Woo, from popular boy group g.o.d. from the 90’s, opened up about one of his previous members.

On March 4, Kim Tae Woo and SHINee made guest appearances on Mnet’s variety talk show “Beatles Code” and the former shared, “Danny Ahn was an outsider during our g.o.d. promotions.”

On this day, the emcees tried to have the SHINee members reveal if they feel awkward spending time with just another person in the group. Since the members were a bit hesitant to answer, Kim Tae Woo jumped in, “I was awkward with Danny hyung.”

He continued, “Danny was a member I felt awkward with when it was just the two of us. He was a bit uncomfortable with the rest of the members. He was an outsider.”

The emcees remarked, “You should have said something.” Kim Tae Woo responded, “I couldn’t because he’s a hyung.”

MC Tak Jae Hoon told Kim Tae Woo, “Even if he’s a hyung, he should have been forced to quit the group,” which was met with much laughter on set.