Dal Shabet’s Members Appear on Vitamin Water Commercial in Colorful Skinny Pants

Recently on a vitamin water brand V2O’s commercial, girl group Dal Shabet’s members appeared wearing colorful skinnies.

In the released image, each member is wearing a simple t-shirt, a pair of brightly colored skinny jeans, and colorful high heels. They show off their well-toned bodies as they hold the vitamin water cans. With their beautiful smiles and uniquely playful charms, Dal Shabet’s members look fresh and enchanting in this picture.

Meanwhile, netizens that saw this photo commented, “Not everyone can pull off those skinny jeans. Dal Shabet looks hot here,” “I think they did a great job showing each member’s individuality,” “Dal Shabet must be a lot more popular than I thought if they were selected to model for this brand.”