Sistar’s Hyorin Reveals Her Dating Style: “I Never Confess First”

Sistar’s Hyorin opens up about her dating style.

On March 4, Mnet’s variety talk show “Beatles Code” aired the second episode of Sistar19 (sub-group of Sistar) and Clazziquai.

On this day, Sistar’s Hyorin shared about her dating life on “Introduction to Music,” which is a corner about stars and their first love. She revealed that it was during her second year in high school and her friend introduced her to a guy. “My friend told the guy, ‘Hyorin is super pretty.’ That’s why, he told me later on that he thought I wasn’t pretty in the beginning. We met each other with not so good feelings, but then we began to like each other.”

However, the emcees started to ask her many questions and she responded, “I don’t really remember.” She went on to explain that it’s not because she’s trying to avoid answering the questions, but that she’s the type to quickly forget. She doesn’t remember being said after the breakup.

Hyorin shared, “I’ve never received a real present. I got gifts like chocolates on special occasions, but I would ask with doubt ‘Why did he give me?’” When one of the emcees asked who started the relationship, Hyorin revealed, “I never confess first. Shouldn’t the man confess?”

Meanwhile, Hyorin also showed off her rap skills by covering Park Jin Young’s “Cross Each Other” in this episode.