Rainbow’s Jung Yoon Hye Captures Candid Sleeping Moments of Members

On February 29, Rainbow‘s Jung Yoon Hye wrote on twitter, “What is this black thing?” and posted a picture along with her question. The revealed picture shows someone laying down flat on a couch with her face covered with a cushion. Jung Yoon Hye took another picture of ‘this black thing’ after removing the cushion and posted on twitter, revealing Cho Hyun Young passed out. 

Jung Yoon Hye did not stop taking photos of sleeping Rainbow members. She posted another photo showing Kim Jae Kyung, Go Woo Ri, Oh Seung Ah, and No Eul sleeping on the flower on March 1. This pictures of the members of Rainbow shows their natural, down-to-earth side, which is the complete opposite of their extravagant appearance on stages. 

Rainbow recently released new single “Tell Me Tell Me” and have been busy with their promotion schedule. Although they are tired, worn out, and don’t look as pretty as they do on stages, members of Rainbow posted these sleeping pictures because they wanted to share these candid moments with the fans.