DBSK’s Changmin Likes Women with Volume Like Lee Young Ja

DBSK‘s Changmin has recently revealed his ideal type.

On the seventh episode of “Moonlight Prince” that aired on March 5, comedienne Lee Young Ja, Kim Sook, Kwon Jin Young and singer Kim Wan Sun appeared as guests to share their stories and thoughts.

During the book discussion, the guests and emcees started talking about their ideal types.

Changmin was caught looking at each of the guests with a keen eye. Kang Ho Dong noticed this and asked Changmin who his ideal type was out of the female guests of the day.

Then Changmin chose Lee Young Ja and explained, “I like a woman with volume,” which made the studio explode in laughter.

Lee Young Ja couldn’t contain her joy as she jumped up and shouted, “I had even more volume back in the days!”