Noh Hong Chul’s Unique New Ride Is Revealed

On March 5 on his Twitter, photographer Oh Joong Suk uploaded a photo along with a message, “New Hong car. Wow!!”

In the picture is entertainer Noh Hong Chul’s new car, which has been nicknamed “Hong car.” It looks unique and fresh with its surface covered with various images of his face.

Previously in January on his Twitter, Noh Hong Chul has revealed, “In the past, I used to enjoy the result, but nowadays I enjoy the process more. I am so excited! Excited!” At the time, he also released a design for his car.

Fans that saw this photo commented, “Anyone can tell that this is Noh Hong Chul’s car,” “What confidence. Not everyone can ride in a car plastered with photos of his own face,” “Even if he leaves the key in the car, no one would dare to steal this car.”