Rock Duo TOXIC Releases MV for “Pheromone”

Rock duo TOXIC released their performance music video for “Pheromone” through the AsianDreamVOD YouTube channel.

Kim Jung Woo and Kim Seul Ong make up the muli-talented duo. The two make an interesting band with their multi-tasking skills: they both do vocals while playing their respective instruments (guitar and drums). With their idol looks the two cover a variety of genres including rock, pop, electronic, and dance. After winning the audition program “Top Band” in 2011, they made their debut in 2012 with the mini album “First Bridge.”

“Pheromone” is about strong attractions and has a heavy beat and slick guitar distortion parts. Both members have a chance to show off their impressive instrumental skills. “Pheromone” is one of those songs you cannot help but just tap your feet to the beat.