Soloist Zion.T Releases MV for “Two Melodies” Feat. Crush

Singer Zion.T, who has been receiving attention in the Korean hip hop scene, has released the music video for his sixth single, “Two Melodies” featuring Crush. The video was released through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel (check out the about section to see a cute message from the Loen Entertainment team).

Zion.T is the third artist from the AmoebaCulture NOWorkened Project. The previous two artists were Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and singer Yankie.

“Two Melodies” is great ear candy with the combination of Zion.T’s distinctive voice and simple yet catchy arrangement. The addition of Crush’s smooth vocals puts the perfect finishing touch to this easy listening to song. “Two Melodies” is about the conflicting feelings of a love that is bittersweet.