ZE:A’s Dong Jun Drank 10 Bottles of Soju with So Ji Sub

Idol group ZE:A‘s Kim Dong Jun recently revealed that he had shared a couple drinks with actor So Ji Sub.

On March 5, Kim Dong Jun made a guest appearance on tvN’s “Baek Ji Young’s People Inside” along with fellow ZE:A members Hwang Kwang Hee and Lim Siwan to share behind-the-scenes stories about their journey as an idol group.

Kim Dong Jun began his story by sharing, “Rather than clubbing, I like to have a drink with friends. Especially with close friends…”

MC Baek Ji Young than prompted him by asking, “Did you ever drink with your fellow ‘A Company Man‘ co-star So Ji Sub?” to which he replied, “Yes. Although I haven’t gone out drinking with him frequently, I think there have been a few occasions where we ended up drinking together for a long while.”

He added, “There was a time when we started drinking at 10pm and didn’t go home until 7am the next day. I came late, so So Ji Sub had already downed three bottles of soju and together we finished ten more bottles of soju. I still remember what he told me while we were drinking together. He said, ‘Your goal should be improving your dance and singing skills, not becoming a star. Don’t lose focus because of the fame you receive.”