Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Supports Ye Eun by Attending Her Musical

Wonder Girls’ Hyelim recently went to go watch “The Three Musketeers the Musical” to support Ye Eun’s debut as a musical actress. Following the performance, she snapped a photo with her group mate and shared it on her Twitter.

On March 6, Hyelim tweeted, “Went to see Yenny’s musical today! She was amazing!!! <3 Ye Eun unnie is the best!!!!*^^*”and attached the photo. As shown in the photo, Hyelim is seen posing with Ye Eun, who is still in her Constance costume.

Meanwhile, Ye Eun made her musical debut through “The Three Musketeers” last month. The musical is set in 17th century France and tells the story of a young man, D’Artagnan, and his friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Ye Eun plays Constance, who is D’Artagnan’s first love.