SS501’s Heo Young Saeng Releases First Teaser For “Life”
Ss501‘s Heo Young Saeng recently released the first teaser for his comeback mini-album on March 6. 
He plans to make his comeback on March 14 with the release of his third mini-album “LIFE.” The 19 second teaser was released on online music streaming sites and on B2M Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel.
In the teaser, a female figure can be seen wearing headphones while furiously scribbling something at her desk with the sound of the sirens going off and static noise. Photos of Heo Young Saeng from his previous album jacket cover can also be seen hung on the wall behind her as television sets showing footage of Young Saeng smiling can also be seen. It’s a mysterious teaser that does not feature any music or Heo Young Saeng himself. 
The teaser left many netizens and individuals of the K-Pop industry wondering what his next concept image will exactly be for his comeback album. 
Heo Young Saeng plans to release his second teaser on March 8.
Check out the teaser below!