HyunA Looks Adorable at a Restaurant

Recently on an online community bulletin board, several photos were uploaded under the title, “HyunA having a meal at a restaurant! She looks so girly here.”

In the pictures is 4minute‘s HyunA in a casual outfit. She is wearing a white hoodie, denim jacket, and a bright orange hat. In the photos, HyunA looks happy and excited as she looks at the food on the table. Unlike her usual sexy look on stage, HyunA looks adorable in these pictures.

Netizens that saw these photos commented, “Lovely,” “She is so cute,” “Is she being shy here?” “She looks playful,” “She looks cute even in her everyday life,” “These photos make me smile.”

Meanwhile, HyunA recently became the first Korean singer to decorate the cover of British magazine “Pop.”