Park Shi Hoo Thought About Dating

It has been revealed that Park Shi Hoo had thoughts on dating his alleged victim “A” in the past.

Park Shi Hoo’s friend met with a Sports Seoul reporter on March 5 for an interview and said, “I met Park Shi Hoo this morning,” and “Park Shi Hoo is really bewildered at ‘A’s stance on this situation. He especially didn’t understand when ‘A’ said that they didn’t even get to exchange feelings.”

According to this friend, Park Shi Hoo had liked “A” when he was first introduced to her through rookie actor “K.”

On the same day, articles were released with “A”s lawyers stating, “The victim started drinking upon Park Shi Hoo’s suggestion. They started to play drinking games and after the victim drank a couple of glasses of soju mixed with fruit vinegar, she lost her consciousness. She did not get a change to exchange feelings with Park Shi Hoo at all.”

But Park Shi Hoo’s story is different. His side claims that they exchanged plenty of conversation at the bar and even greeted each other brightly the morning after before “A” left his home.

Park Shi Hoo’s friend continued to share Park Shi Hoo’s current state. The friend continued, “Many reporters are gathered outside his home and it was so crazy all morning but Park Shi Hoo was pretty calm,” and “Park Shi Hoo said that he liked ‘A’ because they connected.” The friend added, “When they were about to part the morning after the incident, they exchanged phone numbers and ‘A’ even said, ‘Oppa, I will go now,’ in a warm and affectionate way.”

The friend shared, “Park Shi Hoo felt attracted to ‘A’ since the beginning and thought that he should keep dating her. He personally entered his phone number in her phone,” and “As a celebrity, if he thought she was just a one-night stand, then he wouldn’t have given her his phone number.”

During this interview, the friend called up Park Shi Hoo on the phone and spoke with him. The reporter asked, “What did you think of ‘A’ when you first met her?” To that, Park Shi Hoo answered, “We connected well and I thought she was a good person. We shared a lot of similarities and I wanted to keep close relations with her.”

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo has countersued ‘A,’ her friend ‘B’ and the CEO of his previous agency, Eyagi Entertainment, on March 4.

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