Park Min Young Celebrates Her Birthday with a Chocolate Cake Selca

Happy belated birthday Park Min Young! (Her birthday was actually on March 4) On March 5, she wrote on her twitter, “Thank you for everybody who has said happy birthday, really thank you so much. In the picture, Park Min Young is shown looking very beautiful. She looks even cuter than the bear-like birthday cake she is using to celebrate her birthday.

The big question regarding Park Min Young has been: “What is she doing now?” She appeared in the 2013 spring photoshoot for the fashion brand “Compagna.” On February 15, 2013 she graduated from Dong Guk University. (She graduated in nine years while working) Besides appearing in the occasional photoshoot or updating fans with selcas, currently Park Min Young is deciding what her next acting project will be. Her last drama appearance was “Doctor Jin.”