FT Island’s Choi Jong Hoon Celebrates Birthday with BFF Big Bang’s Seungri

FT Island‘s leader Choi Jong Hoon recently proved his BFF status with Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri once again through a set of selcas.

On March 7, Choi Jong Hoon posted on his Twitter, “Dining out with Seungri on my birthday… �de41 kk Thank you~ You even did your hair for my birthday… Do you think today is your birthday or something…” along with a set of photos.

In the photos, Choi Jong Hoon and Seungri pose close together in what seems to be a restaurant. Both idol stars are dressed casually but Seungri seems to have his hair done.

These two have been displaying their close friendship throughout the years such as hanging out together at a bar and going to Bangkok together for Christmas vacation.

Happy birthday Jong Hoon!