Controversy Ensues After “Little Psy” Decides to Debut

8-year-old Hwang Min Woo a.k.a. “Little PSY” rose to fame after he made a cameo in PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video. After news broke out that the little star released his album and will be embarking on activities as a full-fledged artist, voices of outcry rose in concern for the young star, who might be negatively affected by the spotlight. 

Hwang Min Woo recently held a showcase for his first solo album track “Show Time” in Seoul NonHyun-dong. Up until this point, Hwang Min Woo has been receiving much public affection for his appearances on various entertainment programs but all the public’s opinion became quickly divided after Hwang Min Woo put on his first showcase. 

Much of the concerns were centered around how the 8-year-old might be affected by the hot skillet-like attention of the public. There were also concerns voiced about Hwang Min Woo’s agency taking advantage of the young child star in order to pocket profits from his activities without regard for his healthy development. 

After the showcase, Netizens shared their opinions about the matter on various social networking site platforms, “Exposing a child to the world at such a young age will only leave scars in the end,” “I’m worried that Hwang Min Woo’s current album concept and message that aren’t becoming of him will later have adverse effects on him as an adult,” and “I think Hwang Min Woo is being taken advantage of by the company for the sake of reaping business profits.” 

Hwang Min Woo’s agency representative, Lee Jung Min from Star Zone Entertainment recently addressed the public’s criticism and concerns assuring, “Min Woo might seem very young, but he is musically gifted and dances like a 13 year old. He learns quickly. It has always been Min Woo’s wish to perform on stage and we will ensure that his activities don’t interfere with his studies at all.”

He added, “We are currently creating his schedule for schoolwork and performing as a singer. He has a teacher assigned to him as well to tutor him in between practice sessions. We also obtained foreign language teachers for him as he prepares for his debut abroad as well.”

When asked about how the young star will be taken care of, Lee Jung Min replied, “If Min Woo finds it to be too overwhelming, the company will not pursue a hectic schedule for him.”

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