BTOB’s Sung Jae Shows Off New Hair Style

Cube Entertainment‘s boy group BTOB‘s youngest member Sung Jae took to Twitter to show off his new red hair style and shared a few selcas with some of his fellow members.

On March 6, through the official BTOB Twitter account, Sung Jae took a picture of his new streaked hair style and tweeted, “red hair #6 precious changsubism *new hair*.” In the picture Sung Jae puts on slight pout and you can Chang Sub listening to music in the background.

Not long after another set of pictures was tweeted with Sung Jae, Hyun Suk, and Chang Sub. All three members sport colorful hairstyles and adorable expressions.

Fellow member Jung Il Hoon also gained attention for being adorable and it was announced that he will rapping for label mate G.NA’s upcoming new album.