Lee Hi Releases Music Video For “It’s Over”
It’s finally here! YG Entertainment released Lee Hi‘s music video for “It’s Over” on their official Youtube channel! They also released half of the tracks on Lee Hi’s “First Love” album which are available for free download. The song features a jazzy pop melody with Lee Hi’s trademark sultry vocals. The lyrics are about a girl who must tell her boyfriend that it’s over and lists the reasons why she is breaking up with him. 
In contrast with her mature-sounding vocals, the music video concept is both young, cute and hip with quirky and adorable accessories, stuffed animals and a dancing teddy bear outfitted similarly to G-Dragon. The bear also acts as Lee Hi’s supposed ex-boyfriend in the music video as he throws a shopping cart over in one of their disputes and attempts to approach Lee Hi, who pushes him aside – telling him “It’s over.”
Netizens who saw the music video remarked, “Her expressions got so much better!”, “I’ll laugh if it’s G-Dragon in that bear suit”, “Awww, so adorable! She’s so cute!” and “Cuteness overload!”