Jung Ryeo Won Talks About Her Career With “1st Look”

Actress Jung Ryeo Won has been garnering much love from the public for her roles in “Drama King” and “Salary Man Cho Han Ji.” Her glamorous and sexy photo shoot and interview with First Look was revealed on March 7. 

The concept of the photo shoot for Jung Ryeo Won was “Alice in a strange world” and she sported eye-catching pieces such as detailed graphic tees, colorful leggings, a denim jacket with coral lace shorts and a black leather jacket with denim shorts. The actress was also accessorized with unique footwear ranging from flower-print canvas wedge peep toe heels to studded loafers to complete her fashionista look. Her make-up was also colorful to match the lively and vibrant palette for the shoot. 

When asked about how she selects unique and different character roles, Jung Ryeo Won replied, “I tend to veer away from stereotyped roles. Even when I’m working the thought often occurs to me that the role I’m playing is much too similar to what I’ve done before and it starts to feel repetitive. When that happens, I change it up a little for the sake of making it interesting. I like roles that aren’t rigidly defined and take shape as you go with it. I think that’s what’s exciting for me, the unexpected. No matter what it is you’re doing, I think having fun is most important above all else.” She also added, “I prefer to play happy and lively characters like Baek Yeo Chi and Lee Go Eun instead of depressed and suffering characters.”

She went on to say, “I can definitely relate to my character Go Eun from “Drama King” when she ponders whether it is necessary to only film dramas that bring in cash or whether it might be better to film high quality dramas that have cinematic value.”

The actress also shared a couple of fashion rules such as, “Before you start dressing yourself, you should be certain of who you are. If you know what your body type is and how different pieces of clothing will look on your body type, then you will always be able to find clothing that flatters your figure most. Never wear things from the same set. I never wear scarves for example that resemble the clothing I choose to wear that day. And if I wear a knit shirt, I never wear a knit scarf. I think that’s because I love wearing scarves.”

When asked how she felt about her current self, Jung Ryeo Won replied, “I think I like myself the most right now. I think that’s because I’m content and I’ve passed the dissatisfaction stage. I believe that I need to accept myself no matter what. I’ve come to learn that I should do certain things because I am myself and refrain from doing other things because the real me wouldn’t.”

Staff from the set of Jung Ryeo Won’s photo shoot praised the actress saying, “She really knows how to liven the atmosphere and have fun at her job. And so we were blown away by her serious professional attitude as well. Fans will be able to see Jung Ryeo Won’s unique charisma in this month’s photo shoot spread.”

The rest of Jung Ryeo Won’s interview and more photos of the actress for First Look are now available on First Look’s official website!