Shin Se Kyung Attentively Faces Each Fan During Fan Signing Event

Shin Se Kyung recently held a fan signing event and the way she gazed at her fans has drawn interest from the public.

The leading lady of MBC’s upcoming drama “When A Man Loves,” Shin Se Kyung’s fan signing event took place at a cafe on March 6.

Shin Se Kyung spent quality time with each fan that came for her autograph and would periodically wave her hands to fans who were waiting outside the cafe. It’s been reported that some waited more than an hour to see the starlet.

Shin Se Kyung shared her thoughts, “I didn’t know that this many people would come. I was busy lately because of filming for the drama, but I was able to have a thankful day because I received so much love from the fans. Receiving much strength from the event, I will try my best to expand my acting.”

Meanwhile, “When A Man Loves” (also starring Song Seung Hun) is slated to premiere in April after “7th Grade Civil Servant” ends.