G.Na Surprises Fans By Taking Off Her Wig!

After releasing teaser images of her new hairstyle, newly released images released on March 7 unveiled a surprise by showing captures of G.Na taking her wig off!

On March 7, G.Na’s agency Cube Entertainment tweeted the surprise photo with the caption, “Oops! G.Na’s unexpected transformation, just like a ‘Black Swan’ she takes off her wig! Please look forward to G.Na’s future transformed image!”

In three images, G.Na can be seen taking off her red wig to expose her actual hair. Jacket images released prior to these photos show G.Na sporting a red hairstyle and a different look. Fans were surprised to discover that in fact the new hairstyle was not permanent at all!

Netizens who saw the photos remarked, “I thought she went ahead and cut her hair short, but it was just a wig! What a change!”, “I find something very sexy about these photos of G.Na taking off her wig” and “Wow, I’m really looking forward to hearing her new album!”

In related news, G.Na plans to release her new mini-album and title track “Oops!” on March 14. For G.Na’s fourth mini-album, she plans to showcase her beautiful vocals and sexy yet lovable charisma.