Hyorin Has an “Ant-Sized” Waist?

SISTAR 19‘s Hyorin slender “anti-sized” waist has recently become a hot topic of interest.

On March 1, SISTAR19 took home a 1st place win again for the third week straight on KBS2‘s “Music Bank” program, garnering the love of their fans as they took a photo of their trophy as a way to express their gratitude to their fans. In the photo, Hyorin and Bora are seen holding the trophy up high while appearing deeply moved and elated by their win. 

But as much as the 1st place trophy was the focal point of the photo, so was Hyorin’s “ant-sized waist” to Netizens. Hyorin who wore a form fitting clothes effortlessly flaunted her hourglass figure, which drew many compliments from fans. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Wow, her waist is so skinny it looks as though you could wrap your whole hand around it,” “Wow, I’m so envious of her body! She barely has any fat and boasts an athletic body,” and “I think Hyorin has the best figure out of all the girl group members.” 

SISTAR 19 recently wrapped up their promotions for “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” and are currently on break. They plan to make their comeback sometime in the near future however.