“Dancing with the Stars” to Begin Season 3 Very Soon!

Dancing with the Stars” will begin once again with Season 3 and it will start a new dancing storm! On March 4, celebrities got together in order for a press release for “Dancing with the Stars Season 3.”

“Dancing with the Stars” began in South Korea with Season 1 back in 2011. The second season broadcast last year. Now, after the opening broadcast on March 8, the survival dance show will begin its official broadcast beginning on March 15.

Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Gyu Ri will be the MCs for Season 3.

The stellar cast for Season 3 will include: the actress Oh Mi Hee, the singer Kim Wan Sun, the actor Lee Jong Won, the singer Kim Gyung Ho, the professional pool player Janet Lee, the former basketball player Woo Ji Won, the magician Lee Eun Kyeol, the announcer Kim Dae Ho, the model Hye Park, miss A’s Fei, MBLAQ’s Seung Ho, and the actress Nam Bora.

The PD for “Dancing with the Stars 3” Shin Myung Hoon stated, “’Dancing with the Stars 3’ is not a survival program. Instead of being a show about dropping people, it is more of a challenge program. Please watch the show with the mindset that it is trying to pick a champion that completes all the missions successfully. We will make this show into a challenge, healing program.”