Oh Ji Ho Flaunts “Ahjumma Perm” Hairdo for New Role

Oh Ji Ho permed his hair for his transformation into the role of Jang Gyu Jik in upcoming KBS drama “God of the Workplace.” In the drama, Jang Gyu Jik is one of the elite employees who is adored by his supervisor, but feels insecure about himself because of Ms. Kim (played by Kim Hye Soo) and expresses his jealousy and insecurities to her in immature, childish ways. Although Jang Gyu Jik is proud of his hair, styled at a high-end luxurious hair salon, it doesn’t matter to Ms. Kim. She calls him, “Mr. Permed Hair.” 

Oh Ji Ho got his hair permed on March 1 to perfect his character. Although Oh Ji Ho used to perm his hair quite frequently, but he has never tried perming hair his curly, with skinny curls. He had to stay at the hair salon for a long period of time to perfect this “Ahjumma Perm.” After the perm, he took pictures of himself and shared the photos with his friends and colleagues. They responded, “Even with the ‘Ahjumma perm,’ you look great,” “What completes the fashion is the face,” and “You look more handsome!” Kim Hye Soo, who is playing his partner role in the drama, also praised his new hairdo, “If I do my hair like this, it’d be disastrous. It only looks good because it’s Oh Ji Ho.” 

Oh Ji Ho seemed more than content with his new hairdo. He commented, “I never curled my hair like this before, but this is very comfortable. I originally have straight hair, so perms don’t last long on me. So I think I’m going to perm the bangs a little more, with tighter curls.” 

Meanwhile, “God of the Workplace” portrays happenings among the employees a food company, centered around charismatic contract worker Ms. Kim. The show will air on April 1 at 10pm KST, in the time slot of “Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek.”