Im Soo Hyang Strikes a Pose at the Torture Scene Set in “IRIS 2”

On her me2day on March 6, actress Im Soo Hyang uploaded a photo along with a message, “One of the fans sent me this picture on KBS Facebook. It was taken on the day when we filmed the torture scene. It was really difficult, but I appreciated the opportunity for new experience. Only on ‘IRIS.’ Yeon Hwa, fighting!!!”

In the picture is Im Soo Hyang lying in a tub filled with water. Despite the fact that her face is covered with makeup of scars and bruises, Im Soo Hyang still looks beautiful as she smiles happily at the camera and poses with a V-sign. Even though it was most likely a difficult scene for Im Soo Hyang, she appears to have worked with a positive attitude.

Fans that saw this photo commented, “She is so pretty, even though her face is full of scars,” “Smiling angel,” “It’s nice to see her enjoying her work.”