Fans Place Special Message on a Bus for Taeyeon’s Upcoming Birthday

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a photo was uploaded under the title, “Taeyeon’s birthday bus.”

In the picture is a public bus with a special message for Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. With her 25th birthday coming up on March 9, her fans have placed a congratulatory message on a bus. The message states, “Congratulations on Taeyeon’s 25th Birthday. 20130309. We would like to congratulate Taeyeon on celebrating her 25th spring. Happy Taeyeon Day.”

It was later revealed that Taeyeon’s fans voluntarily took care of the actual design and all the involved costs, making this event even more meaningful for both the fans and Taeyeon.

Netizens that saw this picture commented, “What a memorable event for Taeyeon,” “She has such loving fans,” “Happy birthday.”