Girls’ Generation Yuri Looks Like a Spring Goddess for “High Cut”

Woot! Girls’ Generation Yuri looks very beautiful and fresh! Yuri has returned to the scene looking like a spring goddess!

Yuri took part in a photoshoot for the star style magazine “High Cut.” The pictures were revealed in the magazine released on March 7. This is the 97th edition of the magazine. The title of the photoshoot was “Lime Pink Blue Yuri.” The photoshoot pictures really showed off Yuri’s beautiful and slightly tanned skin, her supple body, and healthy charms. The photoshoot shows Yuri wearing the V-eL accessories, clothes, and sunglasses for “VOV.”

The “High Cut” unreleased photos will be available online through the magazine’s website. Also recently, Yuri’s old middle school pictures released on March 5 gained a lot of attention. The pictures gained a lot of attention because she looked so pretty, check them out here!