Hyorin: “My Body Is in the Top 5 Among Idols”

Sistar’s Hyorin revealed that she is very confident with her body!

On March 8, cable channel KBS W’s “Son Tae Young’s W Show” aired a special segment with Sistar19. Members Hyorin and Bora showed the table choreography from their latest track “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” and the audience was fixated throughout their demonstration.

When asked which idol has a beautiful body, Hyorin responded that 4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon and HyunA’s bodies were great. She also added, “My body is in the top five among idols.” Bora added, “She has the body type that easily loses weight.”

Meanwhile, “Son Tae Young W Show” will air on March 8 at 10pm (KST).

Soompiers, do you think so? Who’s your top five idols with the best bods?