[Recap] Iris Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

(Posted for Jbarky) Here is episode 6 of Iris Season 2!

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap:

Jung Yoo Gun (Played by Jang Hyuk): Yoo Gun

Ji Sooyeon (Played by Lee Da Hae): Sooyeon

Yoo Joong Won (Played by Lee Bum Soo): Joong Won

Choi Min (Played by Oh Yeon Soo): Min

Seo Hyun Woo (Played by Yoon Doo Joon): Hyun Woo

Yoon Si Hyuk (Played by Lee Jun): Si Hyuk

Baeksan (Played by Kim Young Cheol): Baeksan

Ray (Played by McInnis): Ray

Through Ray’s exchange with the mysterious “Mister Black,” We learn that we still have an insider in NSS. The doctors with Ray continue to try and revive Yoo Gun.

Yoo Gun’s team back at the NSS thinks that the department head is the mole.

Sooyeon goes into Yoo Gun’s home and finds out the weird infographic where he was trying to connect the dots regarding his father and Baeksan. 

After they do some investigations, the NSS team figures out that the secretary was the mole. (We of course knew this the whole time!)

Sooyeon is a badass while she interrogates the mole. She even ends up shooting the mole in the leg. The mole tells Sooyeon that she heard that Yoo Gun is dead. 

Meanwhile back in North Korea, Yeon Hwa finally starts to give information. Park Cheol Young tells Yeon Hwa that he is sorry for her mother and hopes that her sister (Sun Hwa from Iris 1) is alive and well somewhere. 

Sooyeon goes to visit Yoo Gun’s mother. The two cry as his mother reminisces about Yoo Gun. 

We are treated to a scene where Yoo Gun and Sooyeon are hanging out in a club when they were younger. 


Now, Sooyeon ends up meeting Baeksan. Baeksan asks if Sooyeon has any clues of Yoo Gun’s whereabouts. Baeksan tells Sooyeon that Yoo Gun is probably alive if Iris took him. The reason he believes this is that they are trying to use him for something. 

Using the department’s head sexual affair as blackmail, Min has now taken complete control over NSS. Min declares that the real war against Iris will begin now. 

Min now asks Baeksan about the location of the five nuclear missiles. Baeksan promises to give the information when she needs it. He reminds her once more that everything he has done was for the good of South Korea. Iris wants to start a war between North and South Korea, Baeksan does not want that to happen.

We are shown another scene from Baeksan’s past where he was trying to leave the old NSS. He calls his lover who is getting ruffled up. When the younger Baeksan goes to save her, he is stabbed and beaten up by NSS agents. When he wakes up he is taken into Iris. Baeksan is lied to saying that his son and fiancé had died. While, the fiancé is also told that Baeksan died. We finally learn the big secret. JUNG YOO GUN IS BAEKSAN’S SON! KYAAAAA!

Back in the present, Sooyeon decides that she will keep Yoo Gun’s house clean and live there. She does not want it to become empty. Also, she still believes that Yoo Gun is alive.

9 months later we are shown an NSS operation going on. Sooyeon pretends that she is trying to buy a bomb. Sooyeon is succesful but there were many risks with the mission. Also, Sooyeon has transformed and she is even described as a scary “monster.” 

The mole is still within the NSS prison. She gets down on her knees and bigs Sooyeon to let her out of the prison. Sooyeon coolly tells her that they need more information from her. 

Sooyeon drinks with Hyun Woo. Outside she remarks on how she was almost preparing to propose to Yoo Gun. Sooyeon thinks and she realizes that Yoo Gun had asked her to open up the smallest Babushka doll. Inside is the ring he was going to use to propose to her! 

Inside is a short note that reads, “I love you, Sooyeon.” Sooyeon begins to cry uncontrollably. 

But wait! Yoo Gun is still alive, and he is in Japan?!?!? His new name is Ken.

It looks like Yoo Gun (Ken) does not remember his past. He also works for Iris now! (He looks pretty awesome when he murders people while speaking in Japanese!) He is now a cold-blooded killer who kills woman without a second thought!

The crazy thing is, Ray and Yoo Gun (Ken) look pretty close! Ken stops by and asks Yoo Gun to go out for a drink.

Yeon Hwa has finally received an answer through the Iris-Newspaper-Code. 

Ray explains the philosophy behind Iris, that they are crusaders who are carrying out God’s will. (Woah, so they are actually religious fanatics?) We are then treated to a scene where Yeon Hwa and Joong Won are finally out of prison! Joong Won tells Yeon Hwa to forget about Iris, and that they should start a new life together. Yeon Hwa shuts him up.


Sooyeon is looking at Yoo Gun’s infographic again. Then she heads over to Yoo Gun’s mother’s home and finds the journal of the ajusshi. (Detective who raised Yoo Gun) Now she also knows more about the connection between Baeksan and Yoo Gun! 

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