Song Hye Gyo’s Real Life Beauty from 2007 Garners Attention Online

Song Hye Gyo‘s old paparazzi photos from seven years ago resurfaced online and is garnering much attention. A photo titled “Song Hye Gyo in Real Life” surfaced on several major online community forums. The revealed picture shows Song Hye Gyo standing out in the middle of a large crowd.

Song Hye Gyo in the picture is wearing a white blouse with jeans, looking clean-cut and yet elegant and feminine. Although there are people surrounding her in the picture, her beautiful self stands out from the crowd. According to the original post, this picture was taken during Song Hye Gyo’s guerilla interview for KBS “Entertainment News” in 2007. 

Netizens commented on Song Hye Gyo’s photos, “I cannot believe her beauty even when I see it with my own eyes,” “Wow, she is just unbelievably beautiful,” and “She’s the flower of the flock!”

Meanwhile, Song Hye Gyo is currently starring in SBS “That Winter, The Wind Blows” as Oh Young.