SHINee And Yoo Hee Yul Lived in One Apartment Together?

Yoo Hee Yul recently had a chance to share with viewers about his fateful encounter with SHINee.

On March 8, SHINee made a guest appearance on “Yoo Hee Yul’s Sketchbook” and sat with Yoo Hee Yul to have a heart-to-heart chat. Yoo Hee Yul surprised viewers by declaring, “SHINee and I live in one apartment” and joked “I’m that kind of guy.” He explained, “It’s just that I meet SHINee frequently on my morning runs, so it seems like we practically live together.”

SHINee members joked back, “Are you sure we met you on our way to our morning workout routine? It seemed like you just stepped out of the shower to us.” According to SHINee, they ran into Yoo Hee Yul while he was carrying his basket of shampoo and body lotion. 

When Yoo Hee Yul asked SHINee, “Why haven’t you guys responded to my dinner invite yet?” they replied, “We talked about going but our schedule was just too packed.” Yoo Hee Yul playfully guilt-tripped the boys further saying, “Do you know how long I waited? Even if you guys came back home at dawn, I’d still want to play video games with you” which caused everyone to laugh.