French Actress Sophie Marceau Performs “Gangnam Style” Horse Dance

French actress Sophie Marceau recently revealed that she is addicted to PSY’s “Gangnam Style” horse dance!

On March 8, Sophie Marceau was interviewed on MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment” in Paris, France and expressed her love for Kimchi, all things Korean culture and for PSY’s horse dance from “Gangnam Style.”

She explained, “Here in France you can watch all sorts of foreign films, including films from Korea! You can also listen to K-Pop too,” and then she demonstrated the horse dance from “Gangnam Style” to the delight of viewers. When asked if she would like to star in a future Korean film, the actress replied, “I would love to! I just haven’t received a phone call yet. Please give me a call! I hope to someday visit Korea and meet my Korean fans too!”

Netizens who watched the interview commented, “Sophie Marceau is still as lovely as ever!” and “‘Gangnam Style’ is definitely the ‘Nation’s Pop Song.'”